Saturday, October 20, 2007

so maybe firsts aren't so overrated after all...

i've always heard that good food requires love. and i've believed it's true. but it was today that i realized that perhaps the reason good food requires love is because good food is so much like love.

a couple of years ago i overheard two girls joking about how everyone needs to have a first boyfriend just so they can get rid of all their lofty ideals, get over themselves, and go on to have good, healthy, working relationships. now, i won't be giving my opinion on relationships here, but i think there's truth in that for food. everyone needs to try making their first quiche, their first stew, their first souffle-- just so they can experience it, failure or success. then we can all move on and be real human beings, aware of our shortcomings and our strengths, our passions and our pet peeves.

good food is like love because it requires patience. because it requires trying over and over again. because it requires us to not give up when we make a mistake. because it requires gracious recipients who will love us even when we fail. because it requires experimenting. because there's no recipe for it, no fail-proof method. because it requires hope. and mostly, because when done right, it produces joy.

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Molly said...

Firsts are not overrated. In light of that, I'm proud to be your FIRST comment. I look forward to reading this for 3 reasons: 1) I love food/cooking 2) I love distractions during boring classes and 3) I love both of you!!