Monday, April 21, 2008

Portland stole my heart

by Stephanie

It is such a beautiful place. 2 weeks later, I'm still in awe. (Let's not focus on the fact that it's taken me 2 weeks to post.) It's so green! So laid back! So many Subarus! (By the way, the last point does not really excite me at all. It was just an observation.) Anyway, enough with the parentheses, I'm sure you want the dirt on Portland.

The thing is, there is no dirt. Well, none that I saw. Locals were so nice to my roommate and me when we looked lost; the coffee was bordering on Blue Bottle status, and Powell's is a 4 story bookstore that takes up an entire city block. Why did I leave you Portland, why.

My World Cup Coffee cafe au lait...delightful.

Flowers at the Portland Farmer's Market, located at Portland State University on Saturdays. There was a hyper-abundance of tulips and poppies, which made me oh so happy. The roommate and I made a lunch out of chive pesto, a demi-baguette, Bosc pears, and a huge cookie for dessert.

Next up was Reed College, where I hung around in hopes of running into Donald Miller. (Mark my words; next time we meet for sure.)

There is this gorgeous lake behind the campus that provides the perfect backdrop for quiet contemplation and the like. I had a really hard time capturing with my camera how lovely the atmosphere is here. My soul felt quiet and at rest.

You can wikipedia Renn Fayre if you're curious...just another crazy differentiating feature that separates Reed from pretty much every other college campus in the world.

"Hi, our name is adorable Portland doggie chocolates! Take us home with you!"

This is the last picture I took before my camera battery pooped out on me. I consider Saint Cupcake amazing because I actually loved the cupcake frosting. I really don't like frosting, so this was huge.

Oh Portland, thank you for a lovely time. I will be back; a gem of a city like you is too good to ignore for long.


damapie said...

i think i would love portland, too :) i hope chapel hill is kinda like that.

Molly said...

This post was a long time coming, but it looks like you had a lovely time!

Lisa said...

YAY! and we're sliding in just in time to make our three posts a month average. i was just thinking today about how i should post about the pasta, but i think i'll hold off and let you stay in the limelight for a little.


Anonymous said...

I. Love. Portland. And I'm so glad you got to experience it, even if you didn't meet Donald Miller.

And, naked slip-n-slide????


Arijaan Bulk said...

Oh wow Stephanie. . .this blog is so amazing!! Did you check out my other one, the food-love connection. :) Cheesy, I know - but it's fun! Looking forward to hanging out over the summer!!