Thursday, July 3, 2008

There is no theme to this post

by Stephanie

It seems that I haven't posted in over 2 months. Thanks, Lisa, for picking up my pathetic slack. Hmm, let's see, the excuses for the absence: I graduated from college (note the ceremonial leis), moved back home, am currently working on raising support to go overseas next year...not good enough reasons. (I actually misplaced my USB cable, which prevents photo uploading to computer. And you think, Steph--how lame do you get?) What have I been doing, food-wise and etc-wise, exactly? No easy answer, so here are some highlights that were chosen because I have accompanying photographic evidence.

First, a little surprise outing for some Very Special Little Sisters to Lovejoy's Tea Room in San Francisco, lovingly planned by Teresa and me. They thought we were kidding when we told them to bring blindfolds. Dressing up for little feminine jaunts like this is just one of the many things I'll miss about being in a sorority. The people, of course, I'll miss most (here: Natalie, on the beautiful, beautiful little sis and Steph, my honorary little because we are the same person, waiting outside the place, which induced many giggles from passers-by.)

I'm in Modesto (my hometown) for the summer. It is an ever-growing town (or city?) with over 200,000 residents and continuing. But its roots reside in agriculture, and this is never more prominent than in the summer, when fruit stands are at their best as their proud displays burst with splashes of color--plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, pluots. And cherries. OH the cherries. I've been chomping through bags and bags of them since I returned home in late May. My favorite is called Fidel's, and every time I go the lady who works there smiles warmly at me and playfully chastises me if I take only one bag because inevitably I will be back the same day for more.

Here's something I've actually done: individual chocolate souffles with a 9.7 oz Scharffen Berger home baking bar (70% bittersweet, of course, acquired from the delicious Scharffen Berger factory tour) for my friends Heather and Kristen from Oklahoma who visited for a couple weeks back in June. They were a little dense. I had a hard time deciding when to take them out of the oven because my ramekins are different sizes and how high are they supposed to rise anyway and I wanted them to be perfect...but we managed though, and everything tasted a little sweeter with some homemade whipped cream.

Does anyone know why my pictures are turning out all blurry? Is it the lighting, the fact that I can't hold my arm steady when I take a picture, or that my camera is 4 years old and I've more or less thrown it around rather roughly for those 4 years and it wants to quit?


Digsy said...

autofocus? macros mode? emo?

Lisa said...

stephie! you did it! you posted! woohoo! yipee!

the cherries were ah-mazing!

Arijaan Bulk said...

Friend! I know Fidels! And just today, seriously, I was thinking about how great it'll be to get back to the valley and eat a huge ripe yellow nectarine. . .my favorite! One more week on project - definitely bittersweet, but I'm looking forward to connecting with you!
PS: I love how this blog looks, maybe when we hang out you can let me know how you made it! :)

David E. Barta said...

Awesome post Steph! Wow, so Modesto is the mecca of all culture and produce, eh? Sorry to hear about your janky camera. Years of jostling could have quite possibly messed up the focusing mechanisms. Let me know if you decide to buy a new one and I can recommend some!

Anonymous said...

Blurry photos...

Possibility having the close-up setting incorrectly set? I had a whole group of pictures that looked like that because my setting was wrong.