Thursday, June 19, 2008

a poem

by Lisa

over vanilla milkshakes and smooshed "double" cheeseburgers
after minigolf
around 12 midnight

listening to camila
sitting in the parking lot

under the streetlamps

annie says,
"lis, i love how you can be such a food snob and yet still enjoy


bananna49 said...

mmm, i lets go get one of dem milk shakes right now! i esp like the camila link ;)

David E. Barta said...

Yea, loveiscooking lives on! This poem is grrreat! Nice imagery Lis. I also think your capacity to appreciate a spectrum of foods is awesome. This entry is reminiscent of Steph's on contradictions. Oh you food hypocrites! Haha, j/k.

Anonymous said...

that was fantastic!