Monday, June 20, 2011

a foodie's worse nightmare

by Lisa

In the only Korean drama I've watched in its entirety, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, the protagonist says that she can't bake sweet things with a broken heart. Likewise for me, it's been hard to enjoy cooking after all these transitions. Moving to a new city where we didn't know anyone has made rare the opportunities to cook for big groups of people whom we love.

It's a foodie's worse nightmare when you can't even eat food and enjoy it. That's how it was when we first moved to Seattle. (Of all places to not enjoy food!)

Praise God that I'm getting over that one.

And so now I have a plethora of pictures and recipes for you, in the posts to follow.


Molly said...

So happy to see you posting and to hear that you are amassing a new group of people to share your lovely cooking/baking skills with! Miss you friend!

JonGordon said...

Yay!! ...On many accounts--- more postings and you enjoying cooking, eating, and hosting again. ;)